Throughout the nation, shippers are calling on Chief Carriers to haul their freight. They know we are committed to providing the best possible service — including quick response, accurate ETA's, greater cargo security, logistics planning, and EDI support. Our use of McLeod Software enables us to gain powerful visibility into our deliveries, provide better service and savings, and increase our efficiencies in all areas, including operations and brokerage. It's just one more way in which our technology helps us to provide you with superior customer service!

Satellite Communication System

Chief Carriers' QualComm® Satellite Communication System is an advanced computer technology system. This system is a two-way mobile communication and vehicle tracking system. With customer service in mind, our drivers are seldom out of reach or out of touch. No matter when or where, they can always be contacted with instructions for pick-ups and drop-offs. With no gaps in coverage, the system provides complete satellite coverage from coast to coast. Automatic satellite position reporting pinpoints vehicle locations to within 1000 feet.

EDI Equipped

Chief Carriers is also EDI capable. In this age of electronic data interchange, Chief Carriers has positioned itself to accommodate all sizes of shippers with their needs to communicate with transportation companies electronically. We have the ability to transmit and receive most all of the transaction sets used in the transportation industry.